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Once again, the vast internet has failed me in my search for knowledge, and so we have this page. Just like Fighting Vipers, there's quite a few strange secrets in Fighters Megamix, and once again, a lot of them aren't documented very well. The situation isn't quite as grave as it is with FV, but it's still unacceptable in my eyes- maybe it's the wide array of differences between the Japanese and Western versions of FV that muddy the waters, as some people assume that the case is the same with FM (this is, of course, incorrect). Whatever the reason, you need worry no more, as Gaming Hell has the skinny on how to unlock everything in the game. As a further bonus, the Portrait Gallery returns, with an extra-special 'Omake' folder only found on the Japanese version, and there's also a Game Roster page that has actual size pictures of every single character in every single costume. Aren't you spoilt rotten? Click one of the buttons below and get started.

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