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20th May, 2024
Oh God, another year, another excuse to dust off the ENEMY OF THE STATE blacklist joke before putting it back on the shelf, another year where we didn't get another longplay in. Ho-hum. We did manage to do a few things of note, though- highlights include covering games I've wanted to cover for a while like Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters II and Quarth, just the one new console covered being the GBA for the Pretty Cure game, and the beginning (hopefully) of a new yearly tradition in the form of Data East Day with The Cliffhanger: Edward Randy. And yes, I'm still streaming on Twitch and even started doing read-a-long streams with Sonic the Comic! And some people seem to enjoy it. Again, to all our readers and viewers old and new, you have our deepest thanks.

Anyway, this month it's Capcom fighting game time again with Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness, the game that gave us the second best Capcom character of all time, Princess Devilotte de DeathSatan IX. There's also a mech-fighting game in there, I think, maybe, who knows. Please give it a read if you'd like to learn more about Variant Armors!

Also, a few updates to older pages:
* Guest Characters - New challengers enter the fight!
* Pocket Fighter - Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium version added, which you'd think I'd have added ages ago given it only came out a month after Capcom Fighting Collection, but nope, Gaming Hell always defies expectations.
* Star Gladiator - An extra cameo added from Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 that the internet at large hasn't spotted, plus some slight adjustments in the cameos section.
* Numan Athletics & Mach Breakers - NUMAN ATHLETICS GOT ONTO ARCADE ARCHIVES I CAN'T STOP HOOPIN' AND HOLLERIN' AHHHHHHHHHH also took a look at a translated interview on Mach Breakers BUT ARCADE ARCHIVES: NUMAN ATHLETICS YAY
* Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire - Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium version added, which you'd think I'd have added ages ago given it only came out a month after Capcom Fighting Collection, but nope, Gaming Hell always defies expectations. Yep, just a copy and paste.

Skeb art time again! This time, courtesy of yzw_mmtr, Sowertty's showing off her Game Boy:

1st April, 2024
Over the years, Gaming Hell has had a few silly little April Fools' Day traditions, but now it has been decided, April Fools' Day... Is now DATA EAST DAY. God knows if I'll actually keep this up, but I'm going to do my best to use this day to spread Data East joy. So, the first article for this hopefully-annual tradition is, of course, The Cliffhanger - Edward Randy. Here they come!!

Also, one tiny update:
* Splatterhouse - Rob Strangman of The West Mansion saw my website! I spelled his name wrong for over 10 years. Sorry, Rob.

1st March, 2024
Ooh, a console-exclusive Namco game, how exciting! It's their weird sliding-block puzzle game, Megapanel, a game I did my best not to constantly compare to Panel de Pon. It does, however, have a connection to an unreleased arcade game, so that's neat!

Skeb art time again! This time, courtesy of promacia, Sowertty's enjoying a nice bit of Game Gear action in a comfy pose:

Before we wrap up, a little announcement. Gaming Hell will be taking a slight break for a while- maybe a full month, maybe two, I haven't decided yet. The last few updates have been cutting it pretty close in terms of getting finished on time, and I always want my articles to be the highest quality they can be. I'd like to take a bit of time to rest and also get some articles prepped and ready to go. I know this might be a little annoying, but I hope you understand, and I promise the site will be back to monthly updates as soon as possible. Take care, everyone!

1st February, 2024
It's been quite a while since we last saw a Sega arcade game here, so let's pick out a bit of a stinker- it's Arabian Fight, a technically ambitious game that can't quite live up to its promises. Oh dear.

* Splatterhouse - A little fix-up of the home ports section adding in the Arcade Archives version, plus added links to other places to play Splatter Faith.
* Cutie Suzuki no Ringside Angel - A tiny edit to add a note about Nyanyan Prowrestling for the MSX which might be one of the very first women's wrestling games ever made.
* Namco Museum - Moved this over to The Gathering of Games as it seemed to fit in better there, and added info on some other regional differences- the Japanese versions of 3, 4 and 5 have some exclusive museum content!

1st January, 2024
We are starting the new year with a bang, with a bit of the ol' darkety dark of darkness. That means it's Love Live! time again with Yohane the Parhelion -BLAZE in the DEEPBLUE-. Oh, you thought you'd seen the last of the LuvLivs on this site? Not if the great Yohane has anything to say about it.

One more art commission, a familiar face!

Pa-Luis did such a great job with The Streamer Whose Name was Stolen last time, I asked them to draw a full-body version!

1st November, 2023
Not much to say about this one, just a lot of information about several Mega Drive Collections released on home consoles over the years, including the dreaded Sega Smash Pack Vol. 1. You will believe a Mega Drive can scream. But maybe it'll be interesting too, I dunno.

2nd October, 2023
Is this really our first stand-alone Game Boy Advance review? Yes, it is, and of course it's a licensed tie-in game, why wouldn't it be? It's a pretty interesting one though, it's Futari wa Pretty Cure: Ariena~i! Yume no Sono wa Daimeikyū. Servants of the power of darkness... Go back to where you came from! Or something like that. I also felt it was important to add a disclaimer to the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon page to really hammer home that those pages were written over a decade ago and don't really reflect my thoughts and feelings on anime nowadays, not that they ever really did.

There's also an art commission too, but it's a little different this time!

Courtesy of Pa-Luis... The Streamer Whose Name was Stolen appears!

4th September, 2023
Typical Gaming Hell, running to school with toast in its mouth, late as usual. Let me have this one, OK? [NO. - Ed] Anyway, this month we take a look at the closing game in the universe as told in the Konamic style... That means it's time for Quarth. Quarth is neat, so hopefully you'll find out why I feel this way if you read it.

1st August, 2023
Well, this is a little different. We've gone back to the past to update our first short-form article (yes, these are technically shorter than the norm), The Tower of Druaga. Normally this wouldn't be enough for its own update, but this was basically rewritten from top to bottom, so it's 95% new content, that's good enough, right?

Skeb art time again! This time, courtesy of Tana_Gori_, Sowertty's upgraded to the Game Boy Advance:

1st July, 2023
Oops, what happened to June? It disappeared. No-one knows what happened. Maybe it has something to do with writing over 10000 words about Earthbound Beginnings. Ahem. So this month, we're back in the squared circle withRing of Destruction: Slam Masters II, or SUPER MUSCLE BOMBER: THE INTERNATIONAL BLOWOUT in Japan.

One old page also got a quick update:
* The Speed Rumbler - Cleared up some info about Super Joe and added more info on the versions included in Capcom Arcade Cabinet and Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium.

The first Skeb art of Year 16 comes courtesy of gan2, Sowertty's back on her Game Gear again:

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