Folks, I'm not going to lie to you.

This game contains scenes of explicit violence and gore.

This doesn't usually stop me, but Zombie Raid is easily one of most violent 2D games of all time.

If you're a bit wary about a video game with intestines spewing out of every slain foe, morbidly obese bats exploding into mounds of offal and gore mid-flight, blood and guts splattering across the screen, cadavers littering the floor, the defacing of tombstones, decapitations, mutilated and maggot-infested corpses, you were terrified of the Daleks as a child and you can only watch Dawn of the Dead with your hands covering your eyes while hiding behind the sofa...

Go and read something a little more suitable, OK?

Think you're up to it? Click here, but reader beware... You're in for a scare!