Oh, another Warning page! It's been a while, huh?

This game contains scenes and enemies that some readers may find unsettling.
Also, this review contains details that may be considered spoilers for Yomawari: Night Alone..

This one's a bit like a combination of Mad Father and htoL#NiQ's warnings, really. Yomawari is a pretty scary game! Many of the unknowable horrors are not of this world, and wow did they creep us out. We elected not to actually show you the bigger ones, mostly because they serve as bosses much later in the game, but you get a taste, a snifter of what's in store (for this reason, there's no censored/uncensored versions of this page, we figured you'll be alright). Also, we're vague on the specifics, so we mostly avoid spoilers for what little story the game has, but even vague details may count as spoilers, so tread carefully. That said, we did feel that the opening scene was worth a heads-upin particular- said opening (and even the promotional art), which serves as a tutorial, contains a scene of implied (so-heavy-it-basically-is-there) animal injury/death. The game's plot revolves around the aftermath of that event, and it is at the very start, so we figure it's OK to mention.

And if that's not your bag... Go read about animal girls being very polite to eachother instead.

Are you ready? Then take courage, take your flashlight, and prepare to survive until the break of dawn...