Another Yomawari, another warning page. Time for the standard spiel.

This game contains scenes and enemies that some readers may find unsettling.
Also, this review contains details that may be considered spoilers for Yomawari: Midnight Shadows..

As with the first game, Yomawari: Midnight Shadows is a pretty scary game! Many of the unknowable horrors are not of this world, and wow did they creep us out. Again. In particular, Midnight Shadows has a lot more visible blood and gore than its predecessor, and so we felt we did have to show a little bit of it. Not too much, but enough. As such, we've made a censored version with the bloodier screenshots omitted, and an uncensored version that gives you a better taste of what's in store. Also, a lot of our criticisms are related to the story, but we do our best to keep it vague, but once again, the opening scene was worth a heads-up, as it has a child hanging themselves. That's... That's pretty heavy for us, and again it's at the very very start- not even five minutes after you open it up- so we figure it's OK to mention. I mean, damn, even Corpse Party waits a little before throwing that kind of stuff at you.

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