Another Yomawari, another warning page. Time for the standard spiel.

This game contains scenes and enemies that some readers may find unsettling.
In particular, readers with strong trypophobia should not play this game.
Also, this review contains details that may be considered spoilers for Yomawari: Lost in the Dark..

This is a horror franchise, so Yomawari: Lost in the Dark continues the proud tradition of being pretty scary! For a third time, the unknowable horrors of the most haunted town in Japan creeped me out. In particular, while trypophobia was a concern in previous Yomawari titles, it really feels like some areas leaned in to the use of eyes and clusters of holes for maximum spoop factor- in particular the rice field and starfish cave areas- so if that freaks you out, do not play this game. I've opted not to use any screenshots that have too much of that stuff. There's also a little more blood and gore than the first game, around the level of Midnight Shadows I'd say, but not enough to warrant a censored / uncensored set of shots. As before, we have a fair bit to say about the story so while I've kept it vague, the intro scene has some fairly intense bullying which I figured was worth mentioning as, well, as usual, it's in the first five minutes. I do vaguely hint at how to start the final leg of the game but you'll probably need that hint, you can thank me later. I think that covers everything.

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Once again, you take your flashlight and head into the town of monsters...