This is a list of as many differences between the World (EAA) & Asia (AAA) and Japan (JAA) versions of XEXEX I could find.

(Oh, and the World changes were carried over to Orius too.)

Most of these are documented elsewhere (mostly The Cutting Room Floor which did a better job than me). Some aren't. So, this isn't a total waste of time.

In case you stumble upon this page with no knowledge of XEXEX- you poor creature!- then it may be helpful to know that the Flintlock is the ship you pilot in the game, and the Flint is a device that attaches to your ship. It's like the Force Device in R-Type- it can be detached, where it'll grow tentacles to protect you, or called back with the Release button to attach to the front of your ship. It is also used for your charge shot when attached to your ship, which will launch tentacles across the screen.


General Game Mechanics / Rules / Difficulty

World (EAA) & Asia (AAA) Japan (JAA)
The Flintlock has an energy meter which depletes when damage is taken, and you have only 1 life- when the meter is empty, it's Game Over. The Flintlock takes 1 hit before exploding (in a dramatic way) and you have a set number of lives- when they run out, it's Game Over.
Upon dying, you can continue exactly where you died. Upon dying, you must restart at a checkpoint.
The 'XEXEX' item is quite common, and will refill the Flintlock's energy meter a little bit. The 'XEXEX' item is very rare, and will give you an extra life
At the end of each stage, you are given a bonus for the number of enemies destroyed, multiplied by 100. At the end of each stage, you are given bonus points based on the stage's number- Stage 1 gives you 1000, Stage 2 gives you 2000, etc.
Hidden item locations are indicated by a tiny, dancing man who flashes on and off. Shoot him and the item is yours. Hidden item locations are... Hidden. You are given no clues, but they're in the same spots as their World/US/Asian equivalents.
The game supports 2-player simultaneous play. There is no 2-player simultaneous play- if you choose to play the game in 2-player, Player 1 plays until they die, then it's Player 2's turn.
The default difficulty, called 'Medium', is actually a cross between Medium-Hard (the number of standard enemies) and Hardest (extra enemy units, like laser-toting ships at the start of Stage 2) from the Japanese release. It also affects boss health. The default difficulty, called 'Medium', is just that- medium. It's a lot easier than the overseas release- in particular, bosses take less time to kill.

Weapon / Flint Mechanics

World (EAA) & Asia (AAA) Japan (JAA)
The Flintlock does not have any sort of rapid-fire feature. When you release the Flint, you can hold the fire button down for rapid-fire! This applies to all weapons.
The Flintlock has one weapon (Photon Beam) which can be upgraded several times by collecting items. As you upgrade it, it turns into a spread-shot using the bullet sprites from the Round Laser in the Japanese version. The Flintlock can pick up many different weapons, which cannot be upgraded. The standard weapon is the lowest-level Photon Beam. The upgrade item is instead used for the Round Laser.
When you press the Release button, the Flint will fire out, causing damage to enemies it slams into. When you press the Release button, the Flint will pop off gently. If you charge a shot and press the Release button, it fires out, causing damage to enemies it slams into.
There is only one level of charge for your charge shot- when you release the Shot button, the tentacles will go across the entire screen. There are two levels of charge for your charge shot- the Flint will turn blue (the tentacle will reach across half the screen), keep charging and it'll flash yellow (the tentacle will reach across the entire screen).
There is an item that gives the Flintlock the ability to fire missiles from the top and the bottom of the ship. Picking up another upgrades it to release 4 missiles at a time. You are never given the ability to fire missiles. The missile item is instead used for the Homing Laser weapon.

Test Mode Changes

World (EAA) & Asia (AAA) Japan (JAA)
There is no option to change the cabinet type in Game Options. You can select the cabient type in Game Options- either Table (the screen flips over when it's Player 2's turn), Single Control (two players share one set of controls) or Dual Control (each player has their own set of controls).
The story scenes can be switched off in Game Options. There is no option to switch the story scenes off.
In Coin Options, you can set the coin mechanism to Independent or Common. If set to Independent, you can set a 'premium' price for starting the game, wheras continuing the game is cheaper. No such options exist in the Japanese version of Coin Options, you can only alter the value of a coin in each coin slot.


World (EAA) & Asia (AAA) Japan (JAA)
Each stage begins with the planet's name being displayed. Each stage/new life begins with the text 'CHARGE THE ENEMY'.
Sound effects are given priority over music, often drowning out the soundtrack. Music is given priority over sound effects, making the soundtrack easier to hear.
Under the logo on the title screen, 'XEXEX' is printed in English. Under the logo on the title screen, 'XEXEX' is printed in Japanese.
The name of the princess is given as Elaine in the introductory story. In the credits for both versions, the princess' name is given as Irene la Tias
The 'continue?' prompt is delivered over a freeze-frame of the moment you died. You are given 20 seconds. The 'continue?' prompt is on a seperate screen, with an animation of the Flintlock. You are given 10 seconds.
If you're good enough, you input your initials when the 'continue?' prompt appears- this is why you're given 20 seconds instead of 10. Amusingly, if you immeadiately continue, you lose the chance to put your name in! If you're good enough, you input your initials on a seperate screen with a Japanese shrine in the background, where you also put your gender and either your birth month or starsign. Then a super-deformed Flint appears to congratulate you as the sun shines. Here's a screenshot.
Player 1's Flint device is blue and biege. Player 2's Flint device is yellow and biege. The Flint device is yellow and biege.

Maybe eventually I'll actually finish the proper XEXEX article. Ha!