Hey, this time we actually get a warning from the developers themselves that we can use!

... Well, I suppose I need to add my own bit too- this review of Mad Father may contain mild spoilers

Mad Father feels like it should be found somewhere near the back of a dingy, poorly-lit VHS rental shop in the late 80s or early 90s. It'd probably get on the DPP list of video nasties too (almost certainly in error), find itself cut to ribbons by the BBFC after getting a legitimate release (a young girl using forceps to get a key from the bog? BAN THIS SICK FILTH) until eventually getting an uncut release over a decade after the fact. Now that's a joke for no-one!

Ahem. To be a bit more serious, Mad Father skews fairly closely to Clock Tower in terms of tone and atmosphere, but with a plot that's a bit more 'mad scientist doing mad scientist things, daughter's gotta deal with that shit' and with graphics akin to Corpse Party, minus the lurid CG art. Still, the developers put a warning in, so we did too, and there's enough jumpscares, animal cruelty and death, and unsettling chainsaw-operating-table action to warrant the ol' red-text-on-black-background jobbie here. Additionally, Mad Father is a short game, so while we've been as vague as possible with regards to where the plot goes, you might consider our words and images as spoilers in and of themselves. So, you know, tread carefully. Anyway, while not nearly as strong as some of the images in our Corpse Party reviews, we erred on the side of caution and provided a version without the corpses or blood.

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