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Corpse Party is a series in which terrible, horrible things happens to a bunch of kids who probably don't deserve it.

Well, OK, maybe they deserve it a teeny, tiny bit- messing with the spirits of the dead and rituals they really shouldn't be messing with probably counts against them, but that's not the point, it's up to you to make sure they survive! Beginning all the way back in 1996 on the PC-98 computer system, made with software intended to be used for RPG creation, the first Corpse Party (and its relevant remakes) follows students at Kisaragi Academy who perform the Sachiko Ever After ritual on a stormy night, and find themselves trapped in Heavenly Host Elementary- a school that was demolished years ago, now existing in a space all of its own, with vengeful spirits all about. Can they find a way back home? Only by playing this RPG-meets-visual-novel can you find out. Just watch out for all the Wrong Ends that can happen. The original game is an exercise in less is more, as while it's gory, it's much more content doling out the harshness in text and sound form rather than grisly CGs, with the sound work being particularly impressive (and of the 'I don't want to know where they got their sound effects from' variety). And yet you might just be glued to your PSP as it unfolds!

A game with a cult following in Japan (which spawned some fan-made sequels), I'm going to just go ahead and assume that if you're familiar with Corpse Party at all, it's through the pretty great PSP remake, which was localised by XSEEd for the US and Europe. Afterwards, a pseudo-sequel, Book of Shadows, also made it to the PSP and our shores, and the original trilogy was concluded with Blood Drive on the PS Vita. So, this page will keep track of all the Corpse Party articles we do for the site- right now we're mostly going to cover the three portable games in the series, but we'd also like to look at some of the other releases, including the proper sequel Dead Patient, if we ever get the chance. For now, let's just stick to the basics

Before we begin, just a few quick questions, mostly the big one about all the different versions of the first game:

Oh God, there's so many versions of the original Corpse Party! Help me!!
Oh man, this is confusing, so try and stick with me. Sone of this is explained on the official US Corpse Party website's Independent Spirit page- of how the game started on the PC-98, then made it to Windows and the PSP- but here's a pared-down, chronological list for you to peruse, including a rough list of what's what with each version:
Corpse Party (PC-98) - Released in 1996, created using the RPG Tkool Dante 98 tool for PC-98 by Makoto Kedouin. This is the very original version of the game, first published in the Spring 1996 edition of a magazine called LOGIN Softcom No. 6, and has a very different story.
Corpse Party: NewChapter (Mobile) - Released in 2007 in four parts. A remake of the PC-98 game with new graphics, story elements and characters that served as the basis for the Windows release. Some screenshots here (click each chapter to see).
Corpse Party - Blood covered (Windows) - Released in five different installments between 2007 and 2011 in Japan (with the 2011 volume containing a version of Chapter 7 from Corpse Party: Book of Shadows), as a single release in 2016 in the US and Europe as simply Corpse Party via Steam, GOG.com and the Humble Store. Based on the mobile version but with many enhancements including voice-acting (but different actors than future versions).
Corpse Party - Blood covered...: Repeated fear (PSP) - Released in 2010 in Japan, 2011 in the US/EU as simply Corpse Party. A remake of the Windows version with even more enhancements, in particular new character & CG artwork, new Extra Chapters and new voice actors. The 'definitive' version of Corpse Party, serving as the basis for several further releases.
Corpse Party -Rebuilt- (Windows) - Released in 2011, created using RPG Tkool XP by an anoynymous developer with premission from the Corpse Party devs, also known as Corpse Party -Rebuilded-. A remake that sticks to the original PC-98 game rather than taking cues from the official Windows / PSP versions. Translated into English by Memories of Fear.
Corpse Party - Blood covered...: Repeated fear (iOS) - Released in 2012 in Japan, 2014 in the US and Europe. A port based on the PSP game with apparently no further extras, the English version reuses XSEED's original translation. Apparently very buggy! Also, both the English and Japanese versions were released in the West- be careful which one you get!
Corpse Party - Blood covered...: Repeated fear (3DS) - Released in 2015 in Japan, 2016 in the US and Europe. An enhanced port of the PSP game with limited 3D support for certain images), new CGs, new Wrong Ends and and three newly-added Extra Chapters.
Corpse Party - Blood covered...: Repeated fear (Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Steam) - Released in early 2021 in Japan only for Switch and PS4, later 2021 in US and Europe on both formats plus Xbox One and Steam. A port of the 3DS version including that version's exclusive content (and additional voice acting) as well as two new Extra Chapters. Both Japanese and English text are included in all regional versions.
Much of this info was ransacked from the good people at the Corpse Party Wiki!

Blimey, Book of Shadows and Blood Drive aren't as confusing as that, right?
Nope, things are much simpler on that count. Book of Shadows was released in 2011 for the PSP in Japan, then 2013 for iOS and the PSP in US and Europe (beware, the iOS version is on the US and Europe App Store but is still entirely in Japanese!) and 2018 for Steam. Blood Drive was released in 2014 for the PS Vita in Japan, 2015 for the PS Vita in the US and Europe, and finally 2019 for both the Switch and Steam.

So who's the best Corpse Party goer?
Yoshiki. He's my dude. Also Ayumi and how can I not like someone called HELLGIRL Mitsuki.

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