Oh boy! we get to use one of these screens for once! Bet it's been years since you saw one like this, eh?

... Well, I suppose I need to add my own bit too- this review of Haunting Ground may contain mild spoilers

Haunting Ground isn't what I'd call a splatter-fest. Not exactly buckets of blood over here, it's more a psychological horror, a video game thriller if you will. It is most certainly an incredibly tense and scary game, bu we're not entirely sure we're able to convey that through our rather naff screenshots. Still media really doesn't do this game justice. In any case, Haunting Ground deals with a lot of heavy themes that we allude to throughout, but we try, try not to explicitly spoil too much of the game, but there is inevitable discussion that may clue you in. Also, again, this is a scary game, one that absolutely terrified us so much we had to stop playing it the first time, and it deals with some heavy stuff. Be warned. If it's not what you're into... Go and read something about dinosaurs, OK?

But if you want to keep going, then read on to find out the chilling goings-on at the Belli estate...