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As we know, I really like Fighting Vipers, but there's a lot about the game that hasn't been very well-documented on the internet, primarily the unlockable content in the Saturn version. A lot of it is poorly worded and vague, and what compounds this is the fact that the Japanese version has a load of cool stuff that was ripped mercilessly out of the Western versions. Mostly involving Honey, of course. So, I decided to clear all this up, and give you people the definitive guide to unlocking everything in the game. Also, the game disc has all the pictures in the Portrait gallery if you shove it into your PC, and these pictures range from 'cool' to 'a glance into the uncanny valley'. To get them, though, you need a special extraction tool (which I found courtesy of one of the extremely useful folks down at The SegaSaturn.co.uk Forums and, since I'm evidently a glutton for punishment, I decided to save you the trouble and extract the lot, presenting them here for all and sundry to view.

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