[I'm really not happy about this.
- Ed]

Third time's the charm, huh?

[I'm just saying, OK?. I'm allowed to say it, am I not? To reiterate it? Again?]

Suit yourself.

Anyway, this year we did something different, by which I mean the same as the last two years. Created in TyrannoBuilder, we present to you...

Ed and the Gamesoft Gals in 'Late Night Pizza'.

Well, that's what one of the title screens says, anyway.

Alt download link
(Windows Only, sorry)

The staff of Gaming Hell have three separate nightmares, see them to the end and get a happy ending!

[Or don't, because your pal Ed has been properly stitched up here. Again.]

Oh, do be quiet.

Maybe we'll see you properly next April Fools, Ed!