Warning time again. You know what's up.

This game contains scenes that some readers may find unsettling.
Also, this review contains details that may be considered spoilers for A Rose in the Twilight..

Much like the one for the previous Nippon Ichi protect-em-up we covered, this is a double-warning. While htoL#NiQ had at least one genuine scare and some gruesome imagery here and there, A Rose in the Twilight, despite its lower age rating, feels nastier. htoL#NiQ had standard death animations no matter what killed you, but this game has some pretty damn grim death throes for its tiny protagonist, and has some fairly unpleasant things happen elsewhere. The fact that red is basically the only colour you ever get to see highlights that too. Also, again, the majority of Rose's story is told without text, in little theatre scenes or in the actual actions of Rose and her golem friend. So, even though we're not really showing that much text, the visuals themselves may be considered a spoiler.

I'm just covering myself, basically. And if you'd rather not... Go read about a game that's just about dinosaurs, OK?

If you're ready though, let's make a visit to the old castle of twilight...