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5th August, 2022
Our very first 3DS game outside of talking about porrts of another game! Only took us a decade to get one of these things. This time, it's the spin-off everyone forgot about, Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D. Read it and you'll get a nice bonus! Nah, not really, that's just a joke.

Oh, and art time! Courtesy of TEOFT, Sowertty's on the codec to someone:

1st July, 2022
Everyone's talking about the Konami brawlers this month with that new Toitles game out, but I'm looking at the real stuff instead, which is why Vendetta is up for analysis this month! This is more like a happy coincidence as I had this ready to go but I'll take it. Also, Red Earth, Pocket Fighter and Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire pages all got updated with notes on the Capcom Fighting Collection versions of these games.

... More Skeb art? Yeah, sure, let's go. First, courtesy of Messi Illustration, Sowertty's having some quality time with her Game Gear:

And courtesy of yumecan2, she's trying to keep cool in the heat:

13th June, 2022
I can't believe it, everyone in Capcom World got all small and they're mad about it, so they're fightin' as usual! So let's take a look at Pocket Fighter before they rerelease it on all major consoles!

A few more updates across the site? Well sure, why not:
* Panel de Pon - Thanks to gosokkyu, a full quote on the subject of the Killer Instinct reskin and a Japan-exclusive Paper Mario reference to the series added.
* Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru - Fixed up something in the slightly unhinged ending to this article- Wikipedia no longer lists a random Forbes article as a source and has completely removed the bit about this game's engine being reused for Link's Awakening. This was done before we went to print but never noticed. That's progress already!
* Iron Tank: The Invasion of Normandy - Thanks to Vladimir Ivanukovich, a major error's been fixed- Great Tank's manual scans were missing the first page!

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