If you're wondering whether the Arcade Legends: Space Invaders article really belongs here, consider this: you'll find dozens of them at your local car boot sale. Ergo, it is tat in the extreme.

An off-shoot of Gamesoft Love that focuses on gaming paraphanelia? It could only be Let's Gaming Tat.

As a video game nut since a pathetically early age, I've gathered a lot of gaming shit over the years. Gaming books, gaming action figures, gaming soundtracks, and other weird shit along those lines- chances are, if it 's a video game-related thing and within my budget, I'll pick it up. Because hey, why not? Naturally, I've had to toss out some of it along the way (the gigantic After Burner LCD game being one- that thing is too big to live) but I try to hang on to the interesting things, and they're usually things that the internet denies the existence of. If you want info on horrifically expensive statues based on the latest video game wimmins, then the internet has you covered. What about British-penned novels about the inner turmoils of the Street Fighter characters, gaming action figures, or the choose-your-adventure Lemmings books? Before now, you were shit outta luck, but good ol' Gaming Hell is here to educate and entertain!

Of course, because of the awful way I've organised this website, this section of the site will also be the home of general... Stuff. Poorly-researched profiles of obscure Japanese pop idols (which somehow ties into video games, honest), for instance, or oddities like The Tiny Text Adventure, and so on. So, essentially, I'll be using this part of the site to dump all my crap in that's related to video gaming but isn't really a video game. Although sometimes they are. Aaaah, this is confusing now!

Let's dive right into the trash heap of obscure gaming bits and bobs!

Let's Gaming Tat

Guest Characters


The Puyo Puyo Library


Miscellaneous Tat


Arcade Legends:
Space Invaders


The 900th Anniversary


Bubble Bobble II Proto


Yohko Ishino


The Tiny Text Adventure

Honorable mention!

Nintendo Customer Support


The Maid Clothes And Machine Gun
Complete Works

Is this a joke?!

The Fairyland Story Staff

Staff List!

Bloodstorm Trash Talk


The Development of Judge Dredd

Faux Interview!

Nazca Staff

Incomplete Staff List!

N64 Magazine

Grackler Cam!

The Squid Girl /
Shinryaku! Ika Musume

Game References!

Taito Qix Gallery


Phantom Breaker

Non-Release Timeline!

Hi☆sCoool! SeHa Girls

Sega Love!

Miku Miku Hockey 2.0

Augmented Reality!

Osaka Simulator FINAL


Space Invaders Anniversary


Kemono Friends


Sonic on Mega Play



Idol Remixes!

Namco Museum




Art Dump

MS Paint!

What a little crap-heap! I'm outta here, to find some less trashy articles.